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Explore our collection of award-winning dried and preserved flowers that bring long-lasting elegance to any setting.

Our Unique Promise

Why Choose London Dried Flowers Ltd?

Eco-Friendly Materials

We offer 100% biodegradable products, guilt-free confetti, and personalized gifts made with the environment in mind.

Domestic & European Sourcing

All our products, including the famous Monkey Apple Balls and Papaver pods, are grown domestically and sourced from across Europe.

Freshness Preserved

Experience stunning dried flowers that hold their beauty as if freshly plucked, enhancing any space with a touch of nature.

Nature-Inspired Solutions

Quick and Eco-Friendly Floral Services

Discover sustainable floral solutions for every occasion

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Exquisite Floral Creations

Our Signature Offerings

Discover the diverse range of our premium floral services handcrafted for you.

Dried Bouquets

Experience the elegance of our handpicked dried floral arrangements that add a touch of everlasting beauty to any space.

Preserved Flowers

Indulge in the charm of our meticulously preserved flowers that maintain their vibrancy and allure for prolonged enjoyment.

Wholesale Supplies

Unlock a world of creative possibilities with our wholesale dried flowers, artificial blooms, and floral essentials for your projects.

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Crafted with Passion and Care

London Dried Flowers Ltd is a premier supplier of exquisite dried and preserved flowers, crafting supplies, and unique gifts. With a commitment to sustainability, we offer biodegradable confetti, personalized gifts, and stunning floral arrangements.

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