Dried Edible Rose Petals

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These dried rose petals can be used simply for decoration or as part of a recipe. You can use them to infuse teas, juices, and syrups. They also work well in a range of sweet and savoury dishes.

This is a blend of pink and burgundy rose petals that can be used used in a variety of dishes for their colour and floral aroma. They are also perfect for garnishing plates.

Cocktails – Try adding a sprinkle of petals to your gin and tonic or cocktails.

Other use: Rose Petals are popular in the decoration industry. They are often found in decorative ice cubes for iced beverages, bath bombs, perfume, lip balms, jewelry.

How to make rose oil?

Add olive oil or almond oil to a jar tightly filled with rose petals. Mix all the ingredients with a wooden spoon and set aside for about 6 weeks. You’re ready to use your magic potion!


How to make honey-rose tea?

Mix honey with rose petals and leave it in a dark place for 6 weeks. Then make your favorite Tea and sweeten it with your rose tasted honey. We also recommend adding rose petals to other teas: black, green or red. It will certainly bring out unique flavor compositions.

These lovely rose petals make a delicious tea infusion. Simply pour boiled water over a teaspoon in a mug or cup, then enjoy the natural and refreshing taste of the rose tea. The health benefits of this drink are said to help you lose weight, decrease halitosis, relieve depression, help maintain skin radiance and body balance.

The 1Kg+ volumes will be packed in airtight, resealable and recyclable bags and sent in cardboard postage boxes.

All our products are 100% natural and additive free.

Appearance: Deep pink dried petals
Origin: Natural (Plant)
Formulation Tips:

  • Add at the cool down stage and mix to incorporate evenly. Avoid homogenisation to keep petals from breaking


  • Keep refrigerated
  • Once opened, store in a zip lock bag to avoid moisture entering the product
  • These petals are not treated with radiation sterilisation. Therefore, when using in finished products, thorough preservation is strongly recommended
  • Not for human consumption

Health use: Rose Petals has a variety of use. Being a natural aphrodisiac it helps to relieve stress and depression. It is a well-known astringent which calms skin and reduces redness. That makes it a perfect, natural solution for acne-prone skin. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of rose petals can be used in wound treatment. It will soothe and accelerate healing. Honey-rose mixture that will alleviate the symptoms of a sore throat.


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